August 13, 2012

Anushka's Seventh Birthday Party

Since the party happened before the birthdate day, my post to Anush awaits its turn.

The young lady wanted an eco theme.
We tried using only one side paper as much as possible for the decor.
We found some balloons which were supposedly eco friendly!
We found chocolates that did not use much wraps
The cake was as usual from the Baking institute- yummy!
- pasta with a mild pesto sauce
- aloo- peas birds' nest
- sprouts salad
- green spinach/ palak murukkus, oatmeal cookies/ pista rolls
- dry fruits, kiwis and cucumber - 'trees'

We had a tree hunt with seven clues.
A friendly potter added to the fun
And so did running cycle tyres with a stick.
The scooter rides for all the kids was a last minute and much enjoyed activity but not very green though.

There was smelling spices in potlis and identifying them to occupy the slightly older crowd.

Apart from Anush's and our friends and bloggers turned friends from Blore, we also had a bookworm blogger from Hbad join us.

Return gift
Apart from a couple of guests, all were excited by the 'return gift' as well- a nice cotton bag with a hardy plant in it. Bags are made by an NGO Vandanamu-  run by a friend- with material I had chosen from Pantheon road , Chennai.

They also got to carry back their 'pots' made with the potter's help.

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Swaram said...

Lovely theme and activities. Happy birthday Anush :)