August 16, 2012

Anushka turns Seven

Seven Wonders of the World. The Saptarishis. Sapta Swara. Secret Seven.
Do you know any more?

You turn seven today, my sweety pie. I am not sure how much you will recall of the year that went by, when you grow up to be seventeen. Here is a summary for the future:

About you at 7:
To eat: Bhindi 7 days a week is your idea of a great menu. You added mild Masale Bhaat to your list of likes, you eat almost all veggies and fruits , but still go easy on spice/ chillies. You are not much into junk but have discovered Fanta! ( still only a party indulgence)

To read: You love reading about  the earth, the environ and animals. You enjoyed Samhita’s Mahabharatha as much as you liked Dr Suess. You read to Aditi when she lets you. You amaze me with your memory. You learnt to recite Miller of the Dee so well and so quickly.

To do:  Kenken, anagrams on miniclip, maths questions, association games, Uno, art/ craft of any kind, skating, cycling, swimming, chess, hoola hoop, badminton, dribbling the ball ( they have all been part of your year). Key board, dancing, singing , traveling (Hampi, Goa, Hyderabad, among others), writing ( progressively lesser) and unfortunately watching TV ( Chota bheem has been dislodged and Amazing Spies are your favorite)

At School:  You enjoy school and fit in well. You have begun folk dance and continue chess. You are not particularly athletic. Your teachers' review of you has been great as a good student and more importantly a concerned classmate. You won the general proficiency award/ Golden Child recognition to prove that.

Socially: Your friend T remains your most cherished one. But you are beginning to make new good friends too as your bday list shows.
Physically: You have lost around 4 - 5 teeth and grown even taller. You got your first pair of specs. And then post a review, few months later, the doc said you did not need glasses.

With family: You are a very loving and lovable accommodating child, a wonderful grandkid and exemplary Akka.

Being Amma, here is my two bit of gyaan-
- Stop bruising yourself so often- be more alert and aware, but don't stop dreaming and questioning
- Be less diplomatic- take a stand, even if it is to disagree with me ( except I have the final word as of now)
- Stay happy always and learn to chill out a bit more. Just so that I know you are seven and not thirty seven.

And you know what? .......ok- let me say it - Love you too much!!


R's Mom said...

loved loved loved this letter :) Happy 7th Anush :)

Priya said...

Warm birthday wishes to Anushka!

Love the pic :)

sandhya said...

Lovely run-through of Anush's year. She'll cherish these posts when she's older.

LOL at having the last word yet!

And the 7 Samurai? 7 Harry Potter books? 7 colours of the rainbow? 7 days of the week?

7 is also a significant number in Judaism.

Krishnan said...

Convey my birthday wishes to Anushka.

ranjani.sathish said...

Very happy birthday to Anushka !!!

Anuradha said...

Just loved the blog on Anushka turning 7!
I recently got introduced to your blog by a friend and I am wondering why I stumbled upon it so late! Totally loved the first post and I am sure this is going to be one of my fave mommy blogs!

Happy Bday Anushka!

Choxbox said...

Happy birthday to a bright and fun girl!

And another 7 - letters in her name!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dear Anushka.. such a beautiful letter Art!!

geeth said...

Happy birthday Anushka!
Nice summary of her @ 7 :)

LG said...

Happy Birthday to the little one.
I have been a lurker, but HAD to delurk with this post for two reasons - to wish the little angel, and to tell you that what you wrote about your daughter is what I could have written up about mine - especially the last points.
Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Anushka !!!! Lovely ur blog!!! Don't miss a single post.