July 12, 2012

Little hands work magic

Got back from a work trip to Chennai, utterly tired.

Down with a severe headache post a round of puking, I was lying down, alone and quiet, in the dark.

Soft little hands patted my hair and smaller softer hands gave me a hug, 'machaajing my (fore)head"

I think I had the sweetest sleep in a long time.


~nm said...

This is soooper precious! These are the days when you feel even more blessed to have such adorable children :)

ArtsyCraftsyMom said...

awww. ur daughters are adorable!

Choxbox said...

Aww. Total sweethearts!

Hope you get okay soon.

geeth said...

Lovely isn't it!
I have those times too.. and my boys do the same.. ahhhh.

R's Mom said...

Awww! how adorable is that..kala tikka :)