July 09, 2012

Lakdi ki kaathi

Dress from PrernaPetals

Aditi has some priceless suggestions nowadays:

There was a dog in the next car ...
Adi- Appa tell that dog to come to our car
Navy- It cannot hear me Aditi
Adi- Why don't you call it on phone?

Anush is not far behind....
Adi complaining- Appa is lying down next to Amma ( we were only watching TV together)
Anush- That is okay Adi. Appa is also like Amma's baby only!!


Vidya said...


TPL said...

Aww.. This brought a smile to my face. And LOL at your paranthesis :-)

Mama - Mia said...

haha! LOVED both!

YO TPL! how be you??!!! looooong time!! hows the baccha and you?

sorry art for hogging your space!


Lavs said...

Lovely warli dress. why can't they make such good stuff for boys? boo hoo

Artnavy said...

Hey TPL- nice to see u here, how is the baby- send us pics by mail at least

Vidhya / Abha- :-)

Lavs- am sure u can get it stitched by Prernapetals- ask her- she can do a kurta in this- girl or boy what is the diff

Swati said...

Very cute!

B o o. said...


Aditis smile is exactly like yours, Art! :)

Lavs said...

is it? ok thanks. is she on fb?how to contact?