July 02, 2012

Captiving Goa

We were in Goa for our wedding anniversary weekend- our first trip to Goa as a family,

Navy and I have been there about 4-5 times individually but never as a couple. Of course we could not afford the official fancy places we were used to- Leela/ Fort Aguada/ Cidade Goa etc. And the shacks that Navy stayed in with his buddies were a no-no in the rains.

So we stayed at Presa de Goa- meaning  a Captive of Goa.

Lovely homely place done in antique style- Goa- Portugese- Turkish influence. A bit out of the way but charming since one got to see pav and fish wallahs deliver their fresh wares on cycles with horns.

As for beaches- Baga and Calangute beaches are only a short drive away .

Here is our Room- Marigold. ( the rooms are all named after flowers)
The quirky part was the little attached room with a single bed, a TV and a window to view  from the bed/ sofa!!

Being in Goa in the monsoon was nice since there was not much crowd or the touristy stuff on offer. Ideal when you go with little kids and a couple looking to chill out.


B o o. said...

Wow. Looks lovely. It's a shame I have never been to Goa. Should rectify it soon! :)

Btw, how does a family of four manage with sleeping arrangements? Extra bed on the floor? Or are there family rooms? I actually like this Attached room bit. Even better if there were twin /bunk/double beds for the kids to sleep.

sandhya said...

Lady, where are your feet? How do manage to get so much done?

~nm said...

Belated anniversary wishes! The place in Goa looks awesome!

Sands said...

The OH & I made the same trip to Goa minus the kids just a few weeks before you went there. The crowd made me wonder what this place looked like in season :)

Lavs said...

The first view of the room reminds me of a scene in Kabhi haan kabhi na..Shahrukh will jump into Ana's room thro the balcony and will talk to her snap. Lovely place.

Artnavy said...

It was a nice place indeed.

Boo- Navy and Anush on the high bed and Adi and me on the inner room bed which was a large single bed! That is how we managed.

but at home we all manage on a king size sometimes....

you can always ask for extra beds for a charge and IF the kids are ok with sleeping on thier own bed

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

It's great to hear how you enjoyed your wedding anniversary in Goa. The place that you stayed in looks very inviting to go and stay in. Thanks for suggesting this place. It's be great to know which places to visit there with family and esp when one's got a restless kids in tow. Keep writing.