July 24, 2012

Adittys Again

Had to put this down lest I forget

Grandma- Adi look such pretty Flo'W'ers!
Adi- No paati. It is not flo'W'ers , you should say flo'ers!!

Coaxingly, Navy- Adi these trousers are so nice . Wear them.
Adi- Appa, you like them?
Reassuringly, Navy- Yes Adi. I really like them.
Adi- Then you can wear them Appa!


~nm said...

ROFL!! This is hilarious!!

And have to add...love your header pic

Anonymous said...

Funny how it's actually flo'W'ers not flo'ers. Only kids can be so cute with their know-it-all-ness and brutal honesty(the pants comment).

sandhya said...


Artnavy said...

absolutely Poorni

thanks nm and S