June 13, 2012

The whole six yards again

I do not wear saris too often nowadays but I loved wearing them while at college ( any occasion)  and at work ( at least once a month). Post Anush it went down and post Aditi even fewer times.

You only have to see this post of mine to know what a fan I am of the attire. And do add on /correct it.

After a long time wore an Oriya silk belonging to amma and loved it. Will surely be donning it more often henceforth.

No excuses, Aditi can now walk a mile ( well almost) at a stretch- never asks to be carried or to sit on my lap even.


Priya said...

You looked lovely in the saree :) Am assuming you are referring to the one you wore on Sunday..
Totally relate to your first line..

Artnavy said...

thanks priya- good meeting you

Swati said...

Ohh you were looking so pretty in that sari.