June 01, 2012

I want you!

Never thought this phrase would bug me!!

Aditi has been very clingy and bawls aloud, any time I am out of her sight.

Everyday, getting into my home office is a tussle.
There is no scope to even think of going to the gym.

Hope the phase passes soon.


utbtkids said...

My younger one went through such a phase.

Guess she was growing up and had to face her growing up. At school, she became the older child and the teachers expected age appropriate stuff from her. I was super busy both at work and finishing up my degree, completely drained of all nurturing abilities. Every thing put together we went through a tough time for 3 - 4 months.

Then, things kind of fell in place. I took a three month break from my job, she stayed home during summer with me, I also graduated. Plus my mother was there for a few months.

Even now she goes through phases like that for short durations.

Shilpa said...

Same thing happening at my place. The son who is a month younger to Aditi refuses to let me out of sight. Office is far off, he won't even let me spend some time in the loo in peace.
He always needs to be distracted if his dad or I need to sneak out for a bit.
With the play school starting on Monday, I hope he starts enjoying the company of other kids too.

R's Mom said...

Aiyo R turned 4 yesterday and she threw a tantrum just today morning saying that I want you!

Big hugs Art..it will go away hopefully !

Choxbox said...

Hang in there babe.

This might work - spend 15-20 min TOTALLY with her. All alone. Walk or something just with her. Then engage her in some craftwork and then say you will be back in a bit - that used to work sometimes when I had two kids to mind in London and a pile of work.

Lavs said...

no pearls of wisdom here.hope she grows out of this phase soon. LB refers to her as orange eating aditi:)