June 27, 2012

Heart Break

Adi bawls away when she is left unescorted at her class.
I am surprised since she has spent one year at play school. Not without tears but she is older now.....

I began to wonder why she has to go to school. What can't she learn/ do at home that she does at school?
And the answer came back loud and clear- you cannot really learn how to let go- both her and me.

Anush's report- she peeked in on Adi yesterday (mid day)  and found her quietly working.

Hopefully things get better and soon.


~nm said...

The first few days at big school are always heart wrenching for both the child and the parent.

Hope she settles down soon in the new school.

I still remember conversing with her when we met and I just cant get over her awesome communication skills and her cuteness.

Priya said...

Hi Art,
Have been reading your blog for a long time now, never commented though.
I had to comment on this one - today I also had the same experience. My 2 year old was crying for me to stay back at his play school... and I was wondering why he needs to go and why we need to go thru this each morning.
Your answer does make sense.
Hope this phase passes soon for the kids.

Vidya said...

Art, very soon you'll find Adi looking forward to Monday mornings! Cheers!

sandhya said...


Artnavy said...

Today was dreadful- she began crying at home itself as she was leaving... I felt really depressed. Poor thing

Artnavy said...

This week has been better- she still tries to not go but she is happy at school ....

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