May 17, 2012

Tooth and Nail

Anush lost one of her front teeth today ( her third one overall).

We just kiddingly asked Aditi where could we get her sister a new tooth?
Anush promptly answered ".... at the dentist"
Aditi wanted her to get a red tooth or a black one even!

Aditi is learning the names of her fingers
The moment you show thumb she says "Thumblina"

Aditi loves the Goldilocks story and now the Big Pancake.
She narrates the former as though reading aloud, that too out of blank notepads!

If she hears anyone say " chumma" in Tamil
She rounds it off with "Timepass?"


sandhya said...

Such a sweetheart! Can identify with Aditi narrating stories as if reading aloud. When A was her age and a little older, before she could read by herself, I would often read aloud her favourite books, and she would recite with me, even pointing out any word omissions I made.

sandhya said...

And do hop over- I've written my post for the mango blogathon at Tulika.

Swapna said...

She is really such an adorable darling...