May 24, 2012

Tea, Trees and Oil

The eucalyptus tree is indeed awe inspiring even in the city when you see it occasionally, but when you see an endless stretch of them, the smell is just divine.

Here are a couple with a lovely lone Silver oak standing tall in the tea estate.

Eucalyptus oil is often know as Nilgiri tel. I love using a few drops in my bath when I am really tired or my nose is blocked.

This below is the view from our homestay( Sunvalley) room.
It overlooked tea estates and we saw some interesting birds as well
Could barely see any houses even.
So serene.

I was in Delhi and got the season's first litchis yesterday!!
Really tasty.

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ranjani.sathish said...

Lovely snaps of your trip...I am enjoying them. So please do keep them coming :-). The homestay looks awesome.