May 04, 2012

Taaza Khabar

Thanks all for your wishes. Felt really nice.

The birthday was spent closing the sale of our second home- yes, the one done up with tonnes of love and featured in the property times etc in Chennai.

Welcomed home by the girls and my folks with my favourite cake- carrot and walnuts.

Time to look for a place of our own in Bangalore.

So this year begins on a bitter sweet note and I am not one of those who dislikes bitter, so all is well.


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

The year that started with a bittersweet note is turning sweeter and sweeter after all. Loved the pics you'd put up and the post. Awesome fun, it seemed to say to us.

Loving b'day hugs & muahh! Now, can I have a piece of that enticing, yummylicious cake pls?

Lavs said...

you sold that house? ahhh, i loved it so much. wish you find something similar and far better in bangalore. best wishes.

Unknown said...

:) Come to HSR plssssssss.. or atleast closer.
Happy birthday Art :) I'm waiting for Lil p to return to cut my own cake with her.