May 07, 2012

Sunday Times

Visited Cmani over the weekend and kids spent time with their cousins and grandfolks.

Went to Rajdhani in Indira Nagar for dinner and it was truly value for money if you enjoy veg Gujju food.

Our Velachery flat in Chennai has fallen vacant and need to look for tenants there.
The quest for a flat in Blore is on and any pointers are welcome.

The girls began another round of camp today. Anush is all motivated and Aditi is extremely reluctant. Hopefully they enjoy it.
A cousin-aunt of mine passed away suddenly in Mumbai.  Another reminder to live life to the fullest.


the mad momma said...

Send me details of what you want/ need for both and I'll try and help.

Artnavy said...

thanks mm

Ananya S P said...


A relative of my MIL is scouting for a 3 B/R. Is your Velachery Flat a 3 B/R? If yes lemme know and I will send u an email!