May 05, 2012

Lumbini in Bangalore

We had been to Lumbini Park on May Day

Less than a kilometre long stretch by the lake maybe= Tonnes of Fun especially for kids under 7-8.

It was more like a side walk with rides and games and a wave/ splash pool and boating on the lake.

For those from Chennai, it was like being on Elliots beach minus the sand and gorgeous sea.... but with a lovely clean lake instead.

The pictures speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Kids having real fun !!! we had been to lumbini last year...& Pari enjoyed it.. But Food is not at all good thr..

Unknown said...

Where is this? Will take Lil p once shez back.

Artnavy said...

we never have food in these places- only take corn/ cotton candy and the like

this is at

cheap bangalore hotels said...

While reading your post I recall a fun-filled day that I had spent sometime back with my kids and other family members at the Lumbini Garden. My kids thoroughly enjoyed there, and seeing so much happiness on their faces I was also very happy that we had planned that outing. I feel that the Lumbini Garden is truly unique in its concept. It is a complete family entertainment park, which can hold large capacity of crowd. The artificial beach there consisting of a large wave pool enhances the pleasure and fun even more.