May 15, 2012


I have no excuses for delaying this contribution to CSA, a wonderful blogger initiative from Kiran, Mons and MM.To use a cliche, better late than never.....

Sometimes never is better than late for certain experiences.
I was not exactly a child, maybe around 16, when I had a brief but very unpleasant encounter.

I was old enough to be aware. But I was too young to not be upset/ to wonder if I had invited trouble.

Like most girls that age, I wore all kinds of clothes  including shorts and slim skirts. But the day the incident happened I was wearing a salwar kameez and crossing the crowded Dadar foot overbridge in Mumbai.

Some rogue tried to feel me up from behind and I just recall using my bony elbow very forcefully to get him off. Fortunately, it worked and I rushed between two ladies who were a little ahead.

I was really shaken. Once I got home, I spoke to my mother.She comforted me, cautioned and shared her experiences.

After the incident, I did not go via Dadar for a while and would do a long walk from the previous station to college. And I never wore that outfit again.

At 16 you are supposed to feel ready to take on the world.
But at no age is one ready to take on such unsavoury encounters.

Also goes to reinforce that as parents, we need to be there for our children.
Even if they seem all grown up and capable.

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My Zoe's Mum said...

I totally understand how it feels... These sick incidents take place very Crowded areas. I particularly remember DTC buses (because I grew up in Delhi and traveled in DTC throughout my college years). We should be there for our children and listen to what they are saying. We should definitely work at making ourselves capable enough, so that our children don't think twice before discussing anything with us.