May 08, 2012

An Aam Story

When I was just a little girl
Staying in a house in Vijayawada

I loved to eat mangoes sitting in the back yard
A skinny figure in a white slip frock

My dad and I would compete as to who could finish faster
And who was left with dirtier fingers/ face
And while you may find it hard to believe,
He always won the former and me the latter :-)

There was a little step there which led on to a garden patch
My mom had planted December flowers and  marigolds and even some spinach

One day I just decided to 'plant' the seeds of what I had eaten
I just shoved three seeds at intervals, a bit under the ground and soon forgot about them

Lo behold  after a few weeks, there was not one but three saplings sprouting
And to think they grew into  mini trees by the time we were leaving

My ex neighbours tell me one of them still bears yummy mangoes
Thinking of the little girl and the mango seeds she left behind, a long time ago.....

Linking it up to Tulika's mango stories


Choxbox said...

LOVELY story Art! Awesome. Ask Anush to illustrate!

Artnavy said...

chox- nice to see u here and THANKS!

yes, not a bad idea... will check with her

sandhya said...

Seconding Chox.

The way you have written the story is so lyrical- it's almost poetry.

Like the new template.

Reva said...

Very well written, Art! It is almost visual :)
ps.. long time reader, occasional comment'er!