April 16, 2012

Happy Vishu and Tamil New Year

Had a lovely Tamil New Year and Vishu celebration in Blore and in Cmani.

Some butterfly soap suds kolams by the girls and a diya by all three of us was the highlight apart from yummy festive food .

My MIL made this lovely breakfats item which is like an akki roti in kodvade format. One more Kannada tiffin item that is a must have.
In case you have not heard, the awe-inspiring utbt has launched an exciting program for book lovers in Hyderabad. You must check it out.

And Praba of Saffron Tree fame is upto a lot at her Little Owl in Chennai.

Bangalore will have a Dhaatu show in Indra Nagar towards end of the month. Did any of you go for the parade last Sat?

And cupcakes are so popular now that in Indira Nagar Simply Chocolates is also into them.


Anonymous said...

Happy Vishu to you all as well :)

utbtkids said...
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utbtkids said...

Thanks for linking Art.