April 30, 2012

Adittys - goes on

I was trying to teach her some random thing.
She says " I cant able to do because i am sooooo small"

"No,  u r a bambloos ( baby talk for silly girl)" I tell her.
"Noooo I am your sweetie pie and u r my cupppy cake Amma", she draws from her favourite song.

After troubling her grandpa to her heart's content she makes an innocent face and tells me" I don't want to make thaathu sad. I be good girl."

She was to take her first 'dragon' train ride and she turns to me as if reading my thoughts and says" Amma, I not scared.  Everybody will take care of me."


Anonymous said...

Awww! she is such a sweetie :)

sandhya said...

Really a sweetie pie. Just today morning A remembered her- "Aai, Aditi has such innocent eyes, na? Even if she is being naughty?"