February 08, 2012

News- 'A' rating

TV has so much objectionable content nowadays!! Earlier certain movies and some channels were off limits for kids. Then some songs. Then some programs at regular TV viewing time. Then some ads .... even the News yesterday was unpalatable. What a sorry state of affairs!

I do not believe in depriving kids of TV completely ( they just substitute it with the net/ CDs and they miss out on some interesting pop culture and infotainment). But I do regulate time spent on it and oversee the content.

Am I glad that Aditi is not a TV viewer yet and even Anush has only a few select programs she watches.


Sachita said...

sorry this comment is little out of place but Lovely header pic!

diya said...

My kids are hooked on Doraemon and Phineas and Ferb, and one or the other is ALWAYS on! So as soon as I allow TV I have to hear the shrill cries of Nobita n friends and Candice. Do they think kids are deaf, why do they hav to have such high pitched sounds in kids' progs? Another good way of engaging 'em is the cookery programs, no objectionable stuff in that!