January 31, 2012

"Foreign" in India

The Spanish Mosque
It is always interesting and often impressive, how in older times itself western influences found their way into supposedly conservative domains.

Here are Anush's impressions of masters for Artsy Craftsy over at Shruti's


geeth said...

Nice artwork :)

Lavs said...

great work..but which masters' impressions are these?i am totally clueless in this area:)

Artnavy said...

Thanks Geeth

Go here

Lavs said...

Thanks Art but that was not my question. The link provided takes me to pinterest board showing others doing similar work. I guess i have to take this up with Shruti.

For ex, this tree painting with q tip, which artist did it? why is it so special? the link does not provide me the answer.

As a parent and as a person clueless about art, i am reading about these masters for the first time. if the links take me to Wikipedia(info kind of)pages, then i can read about the artist whose paintings are being reproduced by kids here. Shall write to shruti directly.

but one thing for sure, Anush is a gifted child. is she going for some art classes?