January 03, 2012

Girls day out

I took the girls to Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 at a nearby theatre and enjoyed the time out despite having had reservations against the movie choice.

Aditi was not a bother at all and laughed with Anush whenever she did. Very cute indeed. The girls were diff in their choice of popcorn- Anush loved the caramel one as usual and Aditi the salted one calling the former gandhaaaaa popcorn!

Did I also mention the Claytopia outing we had with lovely bloggers S and S of Artsy Crafty.... got some gorgeous gifts as well from them.


sandhya said...

We are waiting eagerly for our masterpieces!:)

Your little one is the cutest!

Unknown said...

P liked the chipmunks movie too.. :)
its amazing to see 2 kids from the same house being so different rt? Love to anush n aditi