January 23, 2012

Front row seats

Another weekend at Chintamani- we went to Navy's school Annual Day and had SO MUCH fun. There were about 27 dances and a skit. I had to prevent myself from getting up and dancing along given how senior MIL is in the school!!

Was mighty impressed with the really decent moves the kids came up with even on some newer movie songs. A shop called Prabat helps on sets and costumes and some are bought by parents as well. Really grander than anything I have attended so far in any city.

Pl look up my book reviews at Shruti's MM and the one at ST in view of the Chinese New Year!

BTW I was born in the year of the Dragon. And here is a pic of the inhouse little dragon.

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Unknown said...

haha.. shez a laddoo :) can't think of her a fiery dragon..