January 11, 2012

Dancing to Kolaveri

As I recall, my first school picnic had been to Gannavaram airport and the Krishna river side near Vijayawada.

Anush had a wonderful time at her picnic at the Jade resort in Devanahalli. They seem to have eaten a lot as well as played a lot. She won some prize as well for one of the games.

The sore point-
She found it 'unfair' that her team got Kolaveri Di for the dance session they had! To me Kolaveri is a catchy song though some of the words are not okay for kids, but if they don't get the meaning and only use it while humming the song, then I am fine with it. I was surprised that her entire class ( as per her) did not find this song to be a likable dance number.

As some would say, "Good taste-u di" !

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Unknown said...

I found kolaveri d very catchy n addictive.. but Lil p did not like it.. She likes chammak challo, Dhinka chika, and shiela ki jawani! Yuck!.