December 22, 2011

Roti making - a demo

By Aditi

Step one: Behind scenes , beg your grandma/ ma for dough. Threaten to throw a tantrum if they do not give it to you immediately.

Enjoy the stress busting squishiness of the dough

Pat it and treat it with love

Use the rolling pin for what else- rolling

If the roti gets stuck call adult to rescue and dust "powder" on it


Ask all to see,

pose for photo,

refuse to give pin- stone back

Give roti to be put on tava.

Then gracefully feed all in the family with the roti, but decide you will not risk eating it yourself

Earn a testimonial from paati and have a post done on it for your future reference.


Vidya said...

cute! tell me you did that too when u were like her!

sandhya said...

LOL! Starting early, are we? A meeting with A didi is indicated to compare notes!

Tassu said...

heheeh how nice , this makes me go back to my good old days of kiddos when I use to do something similar! To be honest I still don't know how to make roti as perfectly and neatly like my ma.

Sachita said...

Are you kidding me? she seems to have the whole process down.

I will learn how to make roti from her.