December 05, 2011

Down and Out(ing)

Missed meeting M from Chennai who was visiting Blore since all at home have been rather unwell.

But met two good friends ( both from our alma mater) who dropped by at home. Great to see the kids bond as always.

I went to take a quick peek at the Strand sale and forgot to buy the book I most wanted- one by Sabuda!!

We went to Kala Madhyam at Chitra Kala Parishat . Picked up a variation of Warli called Chittara. Most of the stuff is made up of the regular suspects but some of it was enchanting.


Me: Aditi! You love Amma ?

Aditi: Yes

Me:How much?

Aditi: Too much!!


Vidya said...

too much:)

Anonymous said...

Aaaw... this too much is never too much.



Uma said...

Hey, thanks for all the books... am keeping most of them, if not all..

Too much :) Cute!