December 12, 2011

Adittys on a weekend

Aditty  is mighty possessive of our stuff

When my MIL took my bag" That is Amma's bag!!"

When Navy's cousin began to drive our car " NOOOOO!! this is Appa's place" and she began to wail 

When Navy slept on my side of the bed" This is Amma's bed/ bed sheet, etc"

When I was reading Goldilocks she asked what Porridge was- I said "Kanji"
She corrected me wisely " No amma, it is payasam."

We had a lot of fun and food at a family do on Sunday.

And got some good export stuff from the Tiripur kind of shop at Wilson Gardens.

Read the latest Lee Child and was disappointed.

We missed the Tree walk this Sat courtesy Pratham at LalBagh.

We managed a visit to the Spaghetti Kitchen and loved it. Must try the pizza there- a real cracker!

And today I would have had 5lac clicks to this blog. Hm.....In about five years. And 93 followers- many of who do not visit or comment anymore.....Not great but not bad.


Unknown said...

I comment :p does that count?
Remove the word verification.. will leave 2 comments in a day ;)

Vidya said...

lol! on the kanji/payasam difference:)

Anonymous said...

Thats so cute of Aditi..which place is that in Wilson Garden NAvy you are talking about,what do you get there.. could you please please share moro info.

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

I have stopped blogging and bloghopping but the only blog I visit everyday is yours :) but I don't leave comments because I don't know what to say. OK, hereafter i am going to say hi everyday :) :)

Lavs said...

See this post and the comments below. So many ppl want to meet you. Am guessing they neither comment or make you aware how much they love you.