November 07, 2011

Nice and long.......

if hectic weekend... what did you think I was talking about?

A couple of family functions and traditional meals to enjoy.

Anush and Navy saw Suar chala space ko while I chilled with Aditi in the lovely Rangshankara cafe and book store. The counter lady from Gilogilhari gave her a lovely takeaway mini handfan. Small and unexpected perks!

My mother returned from Mumbai with a whole lot of goodies for the kids and her big kid as well.

My father went for the Hindu November Music fest and liked the Balkan show the best.

Missed Soul Santhe- any of you went?

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Mama - Mia said...

:) are any of your weekends not lovely and hectic?! :)

the soul sante has been moved to 11th dec! i want to go for the book fair this time. have been missing it all these years. hope to make it in next coupla days!