September 26, 2011

Catching the Lion's tale

Did my second story telling session " The Lion Kings are coming"

Covered three stories and one lion plate craft

- Karadi's version of Lion and Mouse

- Snoring Shanmugam from Tulika

- Royal toothache from Pratham

The turn out was much lower this time- only 7 kids and some parents!!

But the response to the stories was good and the kids were participative.

However one child got a bit scared at some point with the ferocious lion I had turned into and I had to tone down real quick to calm him.

I used lion and mouse finger puppets, a lion hand puppet as well as a net laundry bag as a prop.

Kajal whiskers and noses added to the fun.


Unknown said...

ohhhhhhhhhh :) I want to see a pic :)

oh pls pls disable this word verification. Its so cumbersome

sandhya said...

Way to go, Art!