May 16, 2011

Refreshed and back

Was at Dhule/ Dhulia in interior Maharashtra for a few days. Very novel experience of visiting an age old Vanaspthi factory among other things.

An official Paris trip fizzled off due to visa delay. Not much regrets since I have been there before and that too with Navy.

We finally went to Ulsoor lake and the kids had a ball.

Went for a shaadi in a hitherto unexplored part of  Bangalore.

It was probably the hottest summer day in Bangalore yesterday.


Unknown said...

Yes its very Hot lately!! :)
I'm back to regular blogging too. What is anush trying to do in the header pic?

VJ said...

Welcome back!!
Not too long a break I thought it would be!!

Sandhya said...

Nice to have u back!

Artnavy said...

dancing about as usual

:-) had Paris happened it wld have been thru this week


Anonymous said...

and here we are struggling with cold :(