January 17, 2011

This Pongal Weekend

We had a wonderful Pongal/ Sankranti spent across both sets of grandfolks.

Enjoying both kinds of pongals, watching the milk boil over, shouting PongalO Pongal, serving rice balls to well decorated cows, making sugar dolls, messing about with colourful rangoli and of course wearing new clothes and having fun and enjoying the togetherness - that is what the weekend was all about.I must mention I missed Chennai, especially the lovely kolams that our active building would put up early in the morning.


Unknown said...

ohhh the kids look lovely! :) sounds like a wonderful Pongal :)

VJ said...

kutties looks too cute !!

I missed chennai and the kolam too :-(

mnamma said...

Aditi and Anush both look gorgeous in the header pic and also in their pavadais!!!