January 25, 2011

Sweet 16!

Aditi is 16 months today.

She is trying to walk- finally.
She does a funny backward glide at awesome speed on the floor.
She adds on many words each day and gives all at home a lot of exercise.
She had her first boat ride in Ranganthittu.
She asks to dance- first asks to be hoisted onto my hip and once that is done, extends her hand to 'jive'.

Aditi your biggest gift to us- you know just how to make us laugh ( and cry in frustration)

Each time I wonder what possessed us to have a second baby, I just melt when I see the love in your eyes, your baby lisp( Anushka spoke clearly way too soon), your rough hugs and just about everything about you.


Vidya said...

Warm hugs to the little one and to the akka..

R's Mom said...

Kala Tikka...happy 16 adi :)

VJ said...

We all have those moments isn't it ??
But one hug and kiss is enough to make your day.

DC said...

very sweet. and the dress is pretty too. i always like your selections for Anush and Aditi. very nice.

Gayatri said...

- God Bless :)

sandhya said...

Hugs to both the little ladies!

mnamma said...

Sweet 16 Aditi!!!

Unknown said...

awwwwww. shes a darling.
Happy 16th Aditi.Wishing u many many many many more such celebrations.

artnavy said...

thanks all and adi would say WOW!thanthoo

u r in kids clothes' export rejects heaven in chennai- go to cents and pence and fashion folks and waves and cotton city and fashion park or hut next to eden in besant nagar

dipali said...

She is a darling!