July 14, 2010

Wah re Warli !

Here is a picture of the Warli wall hanging I have had for seven years now, since the time we bought our first house in Chennai

Here is a Tulika book - Dancing on Walls (by Shamin Padamsee of Bondapalli fame currently and illustrations by Uma Krishnaswamy !!) that we enjoyed and gifted around with illustrations in the Warli style. I recollect Anush immediately associated the book with the wall hanging!

And the above is our most recent work - activity from ToyKraft- the kit includes some paint, a brush and 3 terracotta items- 2 cups and a plate. The best thing is an interesting booklet on the art form. Very engaging and satisfying for any parent- child duo to undertake.

Anush did the background entirely.
I did the figure outlines.
She painted them in.
And both had a lot of fun!


starry eyed said...

Drooling over the Warli, I adore it. There are also 2 fab books from Pratham that we love around here...The First Farmers and Its Fair to Share.

Anush has done a great job with both the Warli figures and Madhubani peacock!

sandhya said...


artnavy said...

Thanks starry and sandhya!!

pratham is a place i really need to visit and soon!

Anonymous said...

we loved the book too! :)

Lavs said...

where is this Toykraft store?

Sandhya said...

nice art, art! I am bowled over by the peacock!

Shankari said...

The plate is awesome! Anush has done such a neat job :)

You girls(you, starry, arundhati - to name a few) are the best in giving me information :)

Mama - Mia said...

very very very niice! i love warli too, tho currently none of mine are on the wall.

and thats brilliant job by Anush!!


Anonymous said...

I simply love warli... and these are done beautifully!!

artnavy said...

Thanks all

welcome here Patricia

shankari - u flatter me- tnx!

lavs- the brand is that- i found it in humara/apna toys anna nagar branch

Sands said...

The warli plate looks lovely. Meg & I worked on artwork this week. Should have pictures soon. It was much fun :)

Unknown said...

Link it to the artsy-craftsy please :) How cute!

Swati said...

Very nice..loved it!