April 08, 2010

We did it!

This must be the longets break I have taken from the blog. Now that both blog and blogger are well rested, here is an update.

Bangalore welcomed us with rains last week!

The house is almost fully set and once again I feel that it is the people who make it a home. The separation from the houses in Chennai is no longer painful…

We celebrated Navy’s birthday and for the first time I could not send him flowers to his office. Luckily gifts had been purchased earlier and cards were made as well.
Anush and Aditi are settling in well and there is enough on offer within the building itself
Relatives and friends are pouring in, lots of cordial neigbbours as well
I traveled to Chennai officially and am all set to make this off site arrangement work
In any case the kids and office work at home keep me completely occupied
Am enjoying set dosa, halka murmurra ( puffed rice) and of course the weather- which incidentally is as dry as teh city is wet :-)
Am missing knowing the city and moving around as I did in Chennai
And yes, ironically the internet connection is still not done in this Delhi- like Electronic city!! So till then tata.


Swapna said...

Yeah...welcome back!!!

And bests for settling in completely

Bubble Catcher said...

Delurking to welcome you to Blore:)
Glad that you are already settled in.
Hoping the kids handled the move smoothly.

Shankari said...

Welcome back! I was waiting to see the new updates! Glad you and the family is settling in well.

VJ said...

Good to hear you are settling well !!
r we going to get a home tour soon?

Mama - Mia said...

hey!! welcome and welcome back! :) good to know you guys are settling in!

hope to see ya soon. text your new number whenever you get it!



Sands said...

to see you back in this space. Congratulations on the move :)

sandhya said...

Welcome to airconditioned city. I always feel like this when I come here from hot, humid Mumbai.

starry said...

Good to know you are settling down.Bangalore is my home town.

starry eyed said...

Welcome Art! Am amazed you've settled so soon...it takes me months to stop feeling dazed :-D

Hope to meet you soon as I recover from our holiday!

Rohini said...

You moved! Wow! What does offsite mean? So you going to work from home now?

Itchingtowrite said...

hey send me your number

Uma said...

Settled already! How about Anush - has she found new friends?

Indian in NZ said...

Wow ! You settled in quick - well done. Just out of curiosity since I loved the interiors of your house in Chennai - Can I ask what are you doing with it ? You guys keeping it or selling it ?

Choxbox said...

welcome to namma ooru!

Artnavy said...

thanks all

2B's mom-
not selling- rented out both places
hopefully tenants will keep it well

yes! nice neighbours... getting to know them

it is rather hot in blore now!!

Artnavy said...

yes working from home with weekly trips to chennai

will do soon

sandhya said...

Well, here come the rains again. So now do we have you to thank or Chox?