March 09, 2010

Puppets ga-lore

Here is our 'work' for the Artsy craftsy Challenge for March at Shruti's. Anush had a lot of fun doing them as you can see.

1. Our happy family. Never mind the artistic liberty that we took while giving me pink cheeks.

2. Aaj mere R ki shaadi hai

Chennai. ( our friend R is getting married this week)

The bride, the groom and their parents
Anush and her parents and
As many guests as there were ice cream spoons remaining !!

Story -
The groom's side is from Blore. The bride is from Mumbai. The couple plan to stay in Chennai.
So the girls parents are a bit sad since Mumbai is faaaar from Chennai.

Anushka and her parents get to the shaadi ( Aditi stays back with her grandma)
Anush says " I want to marry R uncle" ( whom she adores)
R uncle introduces R aunty and Anush says congrats to them and hides behind amma
Everyone hugs and Appa says "Ok Anush and Amma let us go have dinner."

All the characters stand for a group photo- the camera man has difficulty getting them into one shot. But manages finally.Hurrrrrayyy! All smiles around.


Unknown said...

LOL!!! I can't stop laughing! :) I love ur entry! really simple.. well thought and a perfect example of an incident in a child's life!!

Well done guys!! I'm linking this at my blog.

Choxbox said...

Very nice :)

Unknown said...
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Monika said...

very very nice :)

Unknown said...

Artsy-Craftsy new rules-
1. Each pic should have a watermark to your blog
2. Each pic should have the age of the child. If its an adult who is making it, please put age- Adult(Suitable for a kid aged X to make)
3. Leave a comment on the artsy-craftsy post

Please update. Thanks :)
Ur entry is listed here.

Artnavy said...

shruti- have more entries coming up- will do the needful and send together by mail:-)
tnx for linking anyway

chox/ monika tnx

Unknown said...

Lovely entry Art! So simple and so very creative!

I hope you win the 1st prize this time :)

Trendsetters said...

hilarious n creative

Sree said...

too good.

Artnavy said...

Thanks all

As i tell anush- prize is not the motive (though welcome)

We have so much fun doing these! and all teh other ideas that come up as part of this.

Sands said...

That's way too cute :)

Itchingtowrite said...


Swati said...

Absolutely wonderful and easy !! LOVED IT !

Uma said...

WOW! Love the spoon family! And pink cheeks suit you :)
Been a while since we did some crafts at home...

Artnavy said...

thanks all

thanks itchy!!

Unknown said...

this is so brilliant!!!! totally awesome!!!

anush and you rock!