January 05, 2009

Blogger Shower

Blogeswari on Tuesday
Madmomma, Boo, Minka, Lavs, IBH, Itchy, Koushalya on Thursday
Apu on Friday
Choxbox on ???

Mommy bloggers- eight of us with a generous helping of our little ones and a sprinkling of hubbies met up on Jan 1st at my place. A wonderful way to begin the year.

All the kids were adorable and must have wondered how we all knew their names and were so familiar with them.

Anush I think and hope was gracious enough to share her toys. I did not pay her attention ( I was fluttering about between the kitchen and the men and the gang)

Must mention that I missed Sandhya due to a mysterious email mishap.

Go here , here and here to see a fairly comprehensive update on the madness where in time flew even before I could say a few words to each of the Mommy bloggers. Do I know them even better now? - I am not sure. But now I know the faces and voices that go with them.

Kaftan the doll gifted by Blogeswari
Met Blogeswari at Anokhi, Chamiers and hit it off. She is so easy and amiable. And I find we have a common friend too.

I caught up with good friend and blogger Apu in Bangalore on work, at her place finally. I managed to squeeze it in en route to the airport . I am so glad I could.


Monika said...

sounds like an amazing start to teh new year.

Timepass said...

so the number of bloggers u have met has probably doubled by now?? I remember one of ur previous posts reg this...

Artnavy said...

monika. ansh- yes it sure was

Timepass- I must calculate again - will let u know

Anonymous said...

lol,so nice

Anonymous said...

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Sands said...

am still so bummed I missed it. Can't get over the fact that I was in the city and ended up not being part of the gathering...

TypeWriterMom said...

sounds like you all had a fun time . nice blog btw

Anonymous said...

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