October 17, 2008

Crafty Home Patrol

Our attention has shifted from colouring to play dough. Here is some of our latest work:

Regulars here would recollect the toilet roll froggy, now we invented a new species a hybrid deer- giraffe. Presenting the deeraffe:

Home Patrol

Something we found hilarious but a little ribald -

A few nights ago, as we were readying to sleep, Anush happened to notice me shoving my undies into the washing machine.

"Amma Bad habit!! You are not wearing your undies? Pl wear amma."

Last night the concerned undy police asked " You are wearing your undies inside your maxi? I told you na? "

Luckily I was. Else I may have been reported to Navy. Which may not have been a bad idea.


VJ said...

Does this "kai jaalam" run in the family?
I kind a feel little when I look at all your creative stuff.
I wish I had some talent to play with my little one.

VJ said...

Thanks heaps for dropping by my blog.. didnt expect it..
You were one of my inspirations to write a blog... ofcourse I cant match yours !!!
Not trying to flatter you... I was truly inspired by your blog and fascinated by your character.

Asha said...

Hmm... that's nice clay work.

Artnavy said...

vj- glad to hear your appreciation of this blog. there are enough sites that you can refer to for doing creative stuff-

u need not be original at all

it is a matter of making time for it- that is all

Jayashree said...

Really like the play doh anklets and bangles. My daughter too is into playdoh now.

Rohini said...

LOL at the undie police :D

Ayaan once publicly announced that I was weaRing a diaper...

Artnavy said...

LOL!! i can imagine good little Ayaan doing that!

at least anush has not yet made any astute remarks on my waxing- or rather on my delaying it

jayashree- how about some pics??

asha- thanks though i am not sure u like it with that "hmm..." there:-))

Anonymous said...

" You are wearing your undies inside your maxi? I told you na? "

ha ha ha ha ha.

can you tell her that you are going to be superwoman and will be wearing it over the maxi, from now on?

Anonymous said...

"Else I may have been reported to Navy. Which may not have been a bad idea." In for a treat, after Anush goes to sleep?

Anonymous said...

waxing and undies in one post... uhmmm, that's awesome..

Artnavy said...

apu- i thought about it-- really!!

ramya/ anon- confidential!!

Subhashree said...

Haha at the undies police... I guess you need to be very prim and proper around Anush :)

The clay deeraffe is cute and so are the other things. I personally think that playing with clay helps the kid work on their creativity.

Congrats to both of you on Anush's first formal progress review.

WhatsInAName said...

Artnavy's daughter is very very arty I must say!
lol at undies! better be carefull.... or maybe not.. the punishment does sound nice :P

Artnavy said...

tnx both

glad to provide a few laughs

Anonymous said...

First time at your blogspace. This post is utterly butterly cute. hoping to be regular in commenting here.

Artnavy said...

thanks subha

Mama - Mia said...

seriously??? art?? you DONT wear undies??!! :p

kids can really say wierdest things!!

and brilliant clay work like always!!