October 08, 2007

Back at last

Was away at Fluland the whole of last week. Anush went there first and then decided she should take us along as well. So the entire clan has been snorting and coughing and walking in a daze through the last few days.

My longest break this has been from Blogsville!! Thanks a lot for those of you who were concerned about my absence:-))

I see I have a few tags to do- will do them shortly.

Saw Johnny Gaddar last night to celebrate my return to normalcy- Nitin Mukesh's son plays the " hero" and he can be the next Hrithik if he wishes to..... just needs a healthy tan. He acts well in this gripping and intriguing mystery. Such a contrast of a debut to Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam's.


Timepass said...

Hope you all are fine now.take care

Collection Of Stars said...

Hope all is well now. I was wondering about your absence given the frequency of your posts :)

Rohini said...

It really sucks when everyone gets sick in succession... hope you all are feeling better.

Choxbox said...

good to have you back!

Choxbox said...