September 08, 2007

Wired wiered again

Namvor( choxbox) tagged me for the first time. Here I go...

- I never could hook clothing from the back…so I still do it in the front and turn it around.

- I love most fried stuff but cannot stand urad daal wadas at all- I think the batter smells and so does the end product. I am also not fond of chocolates( except ones with wafers), ice cream, ( except MovenPick), creamy cakes and aerated drinks

- I read magazines back to front- be it Outlook or India Today or even a Jet Wings

- I avoid long distance travel by bus since I am afraid there will not be any clean loo breaks

- I cannot use lipstick- really! It makes me so uncomfortable that I feel I am pouting and talking like I have just been to the dentist.

- I check my blog at least 10 times a day for comments and then say I write for myself!!

Given that I have done this tag a couple of times before…I must be pretty weird.


The Kid said...

you mean "ottai vadai"? How can anyone not like ottai vadai? It is just mind boggling!

have you tried saravana bhavan's sambhar vadai? thayir vadai?

I can live just on ottai vadai all my life... just that nobody makes it for me :(

poor me :( sob sob..

Choxbox said...

can so identify with the lipstick bit!

Anonymous said...

Uzhundu vadai - how can u NOT like that ? I luv that!!!!!!!!!

I can so much relate to reading the magazine back to front...
For me it goes back to the days when as a kid I had started reading India today and Sunday ( I guess the beautiful magazine edited by Vir Sanghvi is no longer there, no traces available on net too :-(, and the only page which contained bollywood news/gossip was the last page and back then when I didnt understand politics I used to read only that ... and now years later.. starting with the last page habit continues :-)

- Anamika

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Interesting.....


Just Like That said...

Not like chocolates and ice creams... Anush is so lucky! She can hog all by herself. If she doesn't inherit your dislike, that is!
checking your blog at least 10 times for comments- So true!:-D

not use lipstick - I don't like the bright ones myself, but a neutral, light shade of lipstick is one of my small vanities.

LOLLOL!! Do WHAT at the front and turn it around?!

Swati said...

First and last are so true for me :)

Lavs said...

I am so like you in reading magazines back to front and in checking my blog 10 times a day for comments:-)

Anonymous said...

I check my blog at least 10 times a day for comments and then say I write for myself!!

LOL - true for most bloggers I think. So I hope you're pleased with this effort of mine ;)

Artnavy said...

so i am in good company!!