September 06, 2007

Lifes teachings

My maama-maternal uncle- Dr K ( whom I thought i would grow up to marry) is very witty and versatile- a near genius. Though his subject is Bio Chemistry, he has been a thesis guide to literature students unofficially. He also happens to be a Dean in a University in the States.

At one time, decades ago, he returned to India and tried doing his bit for the country but could not really fit in. His son is back in India trying to do the same now.

K Maama is 55 yrs old. He had been smoking and had also put on a lot of flab. However the last 1 year or so he had toned down on both.

He suffered a heart attack on Monday.

I have not met him in eight years. And was worried that I may never again do so. But God has been kind.

Last heard, he has been joking with everyone at the hospital. When a nurse introduced herself as a nurse at the hospital, K said nice to meet you, I'm K, a patient at the hospital.

And he's been telling everyone about the lecture he gave last Friday where he presented the case of a heart attack victim, and then says that he should have chosen a different topic!!

My other maama was born on Teacher's Day. My amma is a gifted woman who happened to be a professor of English, before she gave it up for Anushka. My appa is among the greatest coaches who also leads by example. And Anush of course is my favourite teacher of late.

Here is to all of you and the more typical ones by definition- school and college teachers- who taught me a thing or more in the subject called LIFE!!


Choxbox said...

yoo bin tagged!

Anonymous said...

very sorry to hear about your mama, was he a fit guy, meaning exercising, eating well, not obese, etc? 55 seems too young. one of my uncles died in tiruchi around that age of heart attack too. i guess it depends on timely hospital admittance

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Arty. Wishes for a speedy recovery to K maama.

Something to Say said...

I hope your maama is feeling better already, art. Is he in India?
I bet the docs have prescribed loads of rest and medications.
Wish him speedy recovery from us...

Artnavy said...

sts and visitor- tnx

no he is in washington with my aunt

though he usually is in NY - he had joined her for the weekend

Anonymous said...

None of his student can forget him in life. He is the best teacher who made thousands of village to town students to become scientists and good human in life.He had given up smoking some ten years back and not one year back.Sir had given up Non veg some 2 or 3 years back.But whenever he attends conference he was forced to eat what was available as we cannot demand unlike India.I wish Sir should live a long life and help students like me forever.May God Bless him.Proud to call myself as a student of Sir.Bloggers world brings so much of opportunity to know about others.You are lucky to have a mama like Sir. We all are just students but consider him as a friend and with whom we can discuss anything and everything and get the proper advise immediately, immaterial of night and day. I.Khan.