August 23, 2007

Celebrating Chennai

It was Chennai Day a couple of days back.
Here is celebrating the city that has come to be my home.

From Mylapore Maamis to the cosmopolitan SW brood
From IIT to NIFT & DAV to Abacus
From Kanjeevaran saris with pockets and tubetops and multiplexes
From the stomach friendly idly to unpronouncable cuisines
From sambar to samba
From the intolerance for Hindi to the play Chanakya at Music Academy
From the much loved Rajni to the way too loud heroines
From the lack of drainage to the reverse osmosis
From The Hindu to Radio One
From grumbling about autos to zipping on ECR
From longing for chaat to Dilli Haat

From Madras to Chennai- I am here to stay!
And savour this city with all its contrast.

Though I can never stop loving Bombay there is always a lot more love to give!!


Tharini said...

yeaay! going strong are we? nice post.

Artnavy said...

thanks tharini- that felt like splash of much needed water during a cycling race...:-))

Choxbox said...

saris with pockets? wow!

for me chennai will always be madras. the good ol days when all the women in my batch (20 of us) cycled early morning to catch the sunrise at besantnagar beach. 'palimar' where we had treats after GRE/CAT/placement results. adyar bakery (is it still there?) where we had b'day treats. grand sweets - yummmmmm. and of course the lovely campus where the deer roamed freely.

Artnavy said...

namvor- check out my old post on the sari- u may enjoy it

u must have been a riot - ur girly gang from IIT

all the places u mention are still there