July 20, 2007

Judgement Day

It is really difficult not to offend any of my friends with this tag, passed on so generously(!!) by Mad Momma :

Food for thought
Chewing gum reminds me of buffalos. The "chewer "also acquires a very cocky look somehow. So please do not do it in my presence , if my opinion of you counts that is.

Foul/ garlic breath- a real put off specially when it belongs to the beautician working on you

If you come home to eat I will not coax and cajole you into a larger or a second helping. When you say enough, I understand it as enough. I forget that you may be too shy and assume you like to be pampered.

Look me in the eye

I do not think any excuse will do for a perpetually unclean house. You have to make some time some how.

When you wear a sari, pray do not show your belly button, especially when the belly is like an award winning melon and the button is more like a crater. Each dress should be worn the way it needs to be.

When real women( not the film stars) show cleavage, I am at my judgmental best. Cocktail party or at home or at the office, venue does not matter.

I am "amused " by people who spend hours colour coordinating and dressing up ( that too for a night show in a theatre) . I end up feeling it is at the cost of their work/ home/ children. But I also do not like it when a person is unkempt with uncombed hair, unironed clothes or sports shoes, at a meeting

If you wear a bindi and flowers (gajra) with your capris, I find that hard to digest

If a person wore more than two chains, I would think they look like an ad for Khazaana jewellery. I reckon they are flaunters with hardly any taste.There is a reverse side to it, If you talk Indian music & dance and wear a Kalakshetra sari with a mis matched blouse, I will see you as classy and arty.

Say it as it is

Sweet talking as teenage girls( and some over grown ones) are prone to irks me - "choow chweet", "anyways", " i loooooooove ....."all a big fat NO

Dudes who punctuate their sentences with invectives for effect- complete turn off.

Memsaab mentality- I cannot stand healthy women or men who boss around and expect to be looked after. A thank you is a must even if you have paid for the service.

I hate it when elders " expect" and even ask to be prostrated before. Respect needs to be earned not demanded.

I do not like the parents of kids who disrespect their parents.

"Wife jokes" are not funny particularly from a man. I wonder how he treats his wife.

Women who constantly crib about their MIL or their DIL, I see it as a failure on their side. I wonder if they have tried to adjust.

I hate propogaters of "Madrasi" stereotypes. Get a life.

I think I better stop now, lest I be judged.


the mad momma said...

with you on the elders who demand respect and the youngsters who dont give it.

wife jokes are so unfunny.

and hey.. i crib abt MIl all the time.. but since I am guilty of only one of all these, i am hoping you will still love me!

Artnavy said...

Since i do not know your MIL- I shall let that pass MM :-))

Anonymous said...

:)) you could make even this tag funny! am with you on all of them esply the 2nd helping bit. after years in a hostel this bit is totally taken for granted - you help yourself if you are still hungry. presents a bit of a problem whenever i am in civilized company though :)

ggop said...

Umm..your chewing gum and halitosis directly contradict each other :-)
Sometimes one does not have a brush and paste handy and gum is the way to go.

Loud smacking noises == creepy all right.

Artnavy said...

namvor- thanks

ggop-I use candy or saunf/ jeera golis in India and i avoid raw onion and garlicy food outside - really

Hip Grandma said...

I am with you in so many points.Memsahib mentality and excess jewellery being prominent ones.posting my own list soon.

Alan said...

I judge this post to be a good one. But oddly enough, the belly button and cleavage issues don't bother me.

Lavs said...

Interesting list.

Something to Say said...

I agree on the clean home bit, art. And this is a good list. I luved reading through it.

Artnavy said...

good to know some of you agree on some of the stuff

please fewl free to do ur own version

alan- i am sure u do not mind!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

You have been judged! All those judgemental, need to be able to accept judgement..

It's all good to be opinionated and have strong likes and dislikes. It is alright to say - That dress is terrible. It is even alright to say - That dress looks terrible on her. But it is just NOT alright to say - She should not be wearing that dress. Thats where it no longer becomes an opinion or a criticism. You can comment on what you feel about an object or a person. But you cannot say what the person should or should not do..

It's a pity a blog gives us the liberty of self indulgence and yet gives us some protection. Honestly, would you walk up to someone in a sari who's showing a crater-like belly button on a watermelon-like belly and tell them what you think about it and that they shouldn't be wearing it?.. Would you risk a snub worthy of the Guiness book?..

[Yes, yes.. I noticed that I'm trying to tell you what to do too.. Sigh.. We all suffer from it.. Damn :)]