June 12, 2007

Book Worm

Indian Authors Tagged by itchy once again. To write about Indian authors that I have read or would like to read

Fantastic reads-in that order
Cuckold and God's Little Soldier- Kiran Nagerkar
Family Matters- Rohinton Mistry
Maximum cIty- Suketu Mehta
Malgudi Day, Swami and friends-RK Narayan
House of Blue Manges- David Davidar
Target- Moochwala, Karadi Tales, Panchatantra

Page Turners
Truth, love and a little malice- Khuswant Singh
Inscrutable Americans- Anurag Mathur
Surviving Women-Jerry Pinto
The Sari Shop - Bajwa

Thought provoking reads
The Hungry Tide - Amitav Gosh

Mixed Bag
Vikram Seth- Loved An Equal Music, Liked all the rest except The Suitable Boy which was way too long
Upamanyu Chatterji- English August was great, Weight loss was the pits

Overrated authors
Inheritance of Loss - Kiran Desai
God of Small things- Arudhanti Roy
Too syrupy- Shobha De


I cannot read Tamil. I would like to read Thiruvalluvar's Thirukural & Jayakanthan's stories. My mom translates some of it & I find it awesome.


Itchingtowrite said...

thanks for taking up the tag

Just Like That said...

Art, I see that I have to read a lot more...
I have not read so many books in your list, thanks for the compilation...
I loved the one Karadi Tales cd we have, so did Sonny boy (actually he loves them nore than me) Do you know where I can get some cd's- have been searching for them...

Just Like That said...

Is the Baby Anush when she was small..?

The Kid said...

I personally feel thirukkural is not entertainment because it is very preachy. There are 1330 couplets but supposed to have been translated in many languages including English.

There are no stories there, just how-to-live-life statements. My opinion could be biased because this is only based on the 100 or so assorted kurals that we read in high-school.

I would like to read kaamathupal though.

Artnavy said...

justlike that- karadi tales available easily at Odyssey in adyar, chennai

and ye sthat is baby anush- when she was about 4 months old

kid- what is kaamathupal?

Anonymous said...

cute pic in the pavadai!

The Kid said...

there are 3 sections in thirukural (arathupal, porutpal and kaamathupal)

exerpt from the wiki:

Kaamatthuppaal (or the division of love) teaches love and the right kind of sexual relationships.

I am just curious to know if a 2000 year old relationship system has any relevance in the present.

btw: I was just kidding previously :)

Something to Say said...

o wow - you really do read a lot! where do you get the time???

Artnavy said...

STS- on the bus journey to and from the office, on flights, post Anush sleeps both Navy and I read for a while as far as possible

where have u been?

Kid- thanks for the gyaan

Anonymous said...

salman rushdie and ruskin bond...
kanthapura by raja rao..

Anonymous said...

salman rushdie and ruskin bond...
kanthapura by raja rao..

Lavs said...

Your post goes on to show me that I have not read any Indian authors except Ruskin Bond.

Artnavy said...

am not intellectual enough for rushdie/lahiri

need to read more of ruskin bond - just done a few short stories

Anonymous said...

try 'haroun and the sea of stories' - i liked that one best of the rushdie works i've read.

btw how about doing a childrens lit list?