October 02, 2006

First time Tagged

Thanks HHgmom for tagging me. The task is to list about nine weird things about myself. “Weird” is a matter of perspective, but here goes:

1. I have an almost permanent smile on my face. Like a Cheshire cat. Often gets me in trouble. In particular at school or when I am at a serious forum. I Say “Thank you “ a lot. To almost everyone. Many times over. Usually heartfelt. But some see it as an amusing habit.

2. I draw well but only copies of some other pic– I cannot visualise.

3. I eat my food dry- the South Indian stuff- hardly any sambhar / rasam. I prefer the kootu/subji/ poriyal/ podis of the world. Top it off with a lot of curd though.

4. I love the movies. I enjoy clapping and screaming when my favorite actor comes on screen. Much to the embarrassment of the family.

5. My grooming habits are weird, I am told. I have a comb but use my clip ( that banana type) to brush my hair. I apply lipstick and then wipe it off because I think I look yuck with it on. But I still keep buying them.

6. I am superstitious about the number 4- I hate it and avoid doing anything new on that date.

7. I drink about 6 lts of water a day

8. I volunteer and host parties/ shows since college days, whenever I get the opportunity but I suffer from huge stage fright/ performance anxiety.

9. I talk a lot in general and now to Anushka as well. Lot of the new moms in my apartment find it premature/ strange that I have adult conversations with her. But I think she understands.

I am not sure I can tag many people but would like to tag cloudy, dimbulb & apu.


apu said...

6 and 8 were a surprise. Doesnt seem in keeping with you !

Itchingtowrite said...

2. I draw well but only copies of some other pic– I cannot visualise.

whom are you kidding- your creative skills are the talk of the town- so to speak!!

Anusha said...

re: 9 - good for you!! I've read that talking to your kid, like an equal, not baby talk is best for them and I am sure A can understand (a little over a year, isnt she?)....the new moms in your block can learn a thing or two from you :)

Artnavy said...

itchy- you flatter me

@- thanks for the understanding!

apu- now u know

Hip Grandma said...

I thought I had posted a comment.I see that I haven't.Thanks for taking up the tag.You and me are same in the 4th response.I love all the podis in the world.

Cloudy Musings said...

6 n 8 were a bit surprising to me. Even i share 2 with u. So not to worry ;-)
And, thanks for thinking about tagging me...i'll soon put up a post about my weird points n surely exceed yours....lazy ME, after all ;-)

Anonymous said...

re no.3: just reading abt all those yummmm food makes me go super hungry. we used to haunt saravana bhavan on rangarajan street just for a plate of rava idli - the closest to food eaten by the gods.. ah the good ol' days!